Meta-Humans, Mutants or simple homo sapiens with superior abilities are fighting their biggest war with their own selves. X Men Movie is they very first movie and introduction on into a mysterious world where, simple humans are not simple at all. Extraordinary powers which can not be well hidden, and young students lead by one great mutant known as Professor X. But when it comes to mutants vs mutants, there is nothing that a simple human being can do. X Men Movie is all about Sci-Fi and characters are based on the worlds most popular comic book, The Marvels. You will never get bored by choosing your favorite hero or character, because there are plenty which can replace your choice. A great institute is lead by a great professor, who is also one of the most powerful mutant, and he is protecting the mutants and the school from a fellow evil mutant, powerful as professor X.

Initial release: July 13, 2000 (Australia)
Director: Bryan Singer
Film series: X-Men
Box office: 296.3 million USD
Featured songs: The X-Jet, The Statue of Liberty, more

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