Pirates Of The Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest 2006

Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest is indeed one of the best movie from Pirates Of The Caribbean series. You can now actually feel the wraith of Davy Jones, a man with no hear. A man who was hurt so much, that he cut out his own heart and locked it forever in a chest so that no one could ever hurt. But then there comes Jack Sparrow, and there is no chest that Sparrow can’t open. So does Sparrow goes out on his adventure to find out the locked heart of Davy Jones. Jack Sparrow succeeds to find the heart of Davy Jones with his imaginary compass which somehow works, but his friends betrays him and takes the heart. Davy Jones lover which is a water goddess releases and she helps the captain to fight Davy Jones. Moreover, Blacksmith takes over the control of Davy Jones Ship and becomes the captain.

There Must Always Be A Captain Of The Eternal Ship.

Release date: August 6, 2006
Director: Gore Verbinski
Box office: 1.066 billion USD
Budget: 225 million USD
Featured songs: He’s a Pirate, You Look Good Jack, The Kraken,

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